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EXAMPLES Graphic definitions, that depict behavior traits, can be grouped by their graphic similarity. Each trait described in the GLOSSARY can be examined individually and then within a group to clarify nuances between traits. A systematic training approach can be grouped as follows:

  • Middle area loops and circles
  • Lower area loops and circles
  • Upper area loops and circles
  • Stems
  • Middle area patterns
  • Baseline direction and line spacing
  • Line or stroke quality
  • Baseline upstroke slant
  • Size and space
  • Stroke finals
  • Initial strokes
  • T-bars and i-dots
  • Unique patterns such as capitals, corrections, integrated combinations, signatures, overstrokes

  • Middle area loops and circles
    #  broadminded, narrowminded, openminded, closedminded
    #  communicative, uncommunicative, secretive planned, hedges, evasive
    #  sincere, self-deceit, self-deceit extreme, secretive, secretive extreme, intentional deceit
    #  worrier, gullible, yielding, biased, placid, mundane unsophisticated
  • Lower area loops and circles
    #  determination, pushing determination, restraining determination, change
    #  tangible harmonious line values, desire for variety, selectivity, clannish, clannish exclusive, concrete fantasy, requited, regimental, concrete distorted ideas
    #  lives unto self, isolation, laid-back, foot-tapper
    #  foresight, tyrant, cynical belligerent
  • Upper area loops and circles
    #  intangible harmonious line values, diversified beliefs, abstract distorted ideas, abstract fantasy, idealism, henotheism, believer
    #  desire for responsibility, jealousy, rebellious, defiant, persistent
  • Stems
    #  pride, vanity, independence, dignity, sensitivity to criticism, formality, deliberate, cajole, obstinate
    #  physicalminded- desire for, skillful, controlled, vigorous, structured, offensive, and unhurried action; argumentative
  • Middle area patterns
    #  thinking process, investigative, analytical, cumulative, comprehensive
    #  superficial thinking, thinking shortcoming (skips), constructive, engineering awareness
    #  flexible mentality, diplomacy, self-conscious
    #  tempo, schedule adherence, intuitive
  • Baseline direction and line spacing
    #  optimism, depression, euphoria, pessimism, steady
    #  routine, kaleidoscopic nature, versatility, insouciant attitude, suicidal tendency
    #  clarity of thought, confusion of interest
  • Line or stroke quality
    #  emotional intensity- much available, little available, very active, slightly active, stored
    #  sensory discrimination- strong, weak
    #  sensuous, abstemious, sensual, graceful, adaptability to stress
    #  hesitation, hesitation involuntary, physiological decay, degenerative exhaustion, unscrupulous
  • Baseline upstroke slant
    emotional responsive- impulsive, objective detachment, hysteria, withdrawal, stable, changing, split personality
    #  suppression, repression, inhibited, overbearing, restrictive
  • Size and space
     size-  concentration, desire for notice
    #  horizontal space- emotional display, emotional confinement, extravagance, ultraconservative, elbowroom, covetous, detached, intrusive, despondent
    #  space- ostentatious, self-involvement, frenzy, self-aware, self-liaison, lost of spontaneity
  • Stroke finals
    #  indecisive, decisive, positive, emphatic, blunt, tenacity
    #  stingy, generosity, showmanship, cautious, cautious chronic, petty, self-reproach, self-castigation
    #  aggressive
  • Initial strokes
    #  simplicity, direct
    #  acquisitive, humor, facetious, temper prone, fault finder, resentment, antagonistic
  • T-bars and i-dots
    #  t-bar
    - will power, purpose, willpower in reserve
    #  t-bar vertical placement on t-stem- low goals, practical goals, distant goals, visionary goals
    #  t-bar horizontal placement on t-stem- precision, procrastination, impatience, explosive temper
    #  t-bar direction- seriousness of purpose, self-control, shallowness of purpose, lackadaisical purpose, forgetful
    #  sarcasm, domineering, dominating, dictatorial, lighthearted, chides self
     i-dots- attention to details, procrastination, impatience, forgetful
    #  loyalty, edetic, irritability, idiosyncrasy
  • Unique patterns such as capitals, corrections, integrated combinations, signatures, overstrokes
    #  capitals-
    egoism, egotism, humility
    #  aesthetic tastes, cultural refinement, figurehead, picayune, autonomous, artistic independence
    #  corrections- perfection, pedantic
    #  structures- -organization ability, fluidity, imagination, sense of proportion
    #  signatures- persona, image- prominent, private, dynamic, status quo
    #  self-reliance, venturesome adventuresome
    #  reaction formation internal- goal inadequacy, bluff, ruminating, hopeful, hopeless, action concern, callous, incoherent
    #  reaction formation external- broadminded concern, original information concern or skeptic, showmanship concern or showoff, compulsive

  • Trait names were chosen by Stephen Bongiovanni with regard to the founders of graphology and recognizing the fine line between sharing ideas of others and original concepts. The trait name identifies a graphic indicator with its descriptive behavior.

Examples of traits:

v-wedges for m, n-bottom baseline intersections
sorts and separates information in assessing their value, evaluates information and supporting patterns

analytical thinking

increasingly heavy downward and forward middle final
brings matters to a conclusion and thrusts it upon others


wide e-loop
liberal self-viewpoints, free of bigotry


small writing
focuses attention on one activity ignoring all other influences


middle letter printed as capital
integration and discrimination of creative artistic and structural systems into one's mode of living

cultural refinement

heavy average stroke pressure
possesses strong libido and passions, abundance of available energy and vitality, proactive

emotional intensity

missing t-bars
inability to recall information or planned action, absentmindedness


initial wavy upper area down stroke to baseline
the contrast between reality and assumed values provokes amusement


inflated triangular forward inverted upper circle
open hostility towards authority and for any form of discipline, belligerent


tall t, d-stem height
excessively high regard of ones conduct demonstrated through a sense of superiority


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